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Carpet Protector

Carpet ProtectorWithin a year after new carpeting is installed, it can look much older due to spills, stains and odors that occur from day to day use. This is especially common in homes with children and pets as well as carpeting that’s located in high traffic areas. The carpet protector service offered by Go Green Restoration helps carpeting fiber repel dirt, liquids and other messes that shorten its lifespan and ruin its appearance.

Our family owned and operated business has helped thousands of customers in the greater Bay Area keep their carpeting looking fresh and in like new condition by using our excellent carpet protector service. One of the biggest benefits to adding carpet protector every 12 to 24 months is that it preserves a more sanitary living environment because it prevents the growth of harmful mold and bacteria in carpeting fibers.

The technicians who perform our carpet protector service are not only experienced and well-trained, they use the latest state of the art equipment to ensure that your carpeting will repel dirt and stains. This means you’ll enjoy a Carpet Protectorcleaner and fresher looking carpet that is protected from being abused by food and beverage spills, ground in dirt, and pet accidents that can cause lingering odors.

Our carpet protector service also prevents excess wear and provides ultraviolet protection against fading in carpeted areas exposed to sunlight. Carpet protector is a great way to protect the investment you made in carpeting that beautifies your home. Call Go Green Restoration today to request a free no-obligation quote regarding our excellent carpet protector service.

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