Drapery Cleaning

DraperyAt Go Green Carpet Cleaning, we know that expert drapery cleaning for specialized fabrics is vital to protect the beauty of the items. Our technicians take time to use the best cleansers to remove embedded debris. We remove and hang our customer’s draperies carefully to ensure the items look fantastic.

With our innovative cleaning processes, stains are removed safely from draperies. We use methods such as steam or dry cleaning to sanitize fibers, depending on the type of fabric such as wool or silk. An application of a chemical is also essential to make the fabric resistant to stains.

Experienced and trained technicians are the backbone of our company, and at Go Green Carpet Cleaning we believe in hiring the best. When our customers request drapery cleaning at a residential or commercial property, they want professional service. Our employees are taught to respect client’s property and remove draperies safely.

Efficient drapery cleaning requires using gentle cleansers and equipment to prevent ripping or fading fabric. We analyze fabrics first to choose the correct sanitizing chemical to use to wash away debris. Our company uses top-of-the-line steam cleaning equipment to lift stains and dirt from smooth or plush fabrics.

Many of our customers neglect drapery cleaning, but Go Green Carpet Cleaning makes this task easy while performing other services. Remember that we can remove dirt from a home or business’s draperies at an on-site location. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our services.