How to Notice Water Damage

Sometimes we can miss somehow water leaks. Unfortunately, that is one of the worst moments, when you can skip that problem. Because the water can go everywhere very slow and cause huge damages without even your knowledge.

One of the sources, you can expect is a broken pipe in your foundation. How will you find out that there is a leak if you do not notice that the wall or floor is getting wet just like that. And of course that will be a slow process, so it can damage the house very easily.

Water Damage Restoration San Jose also warn you could have leaks in your attic or basement. And if you don’t check these places often, you cannot find it. And we can advise you to repair regularly the roof (if it starts leaking slowly it wouldn’t damage that much the ceiling, but the mold will start growing).

You have to check more often the pipes all around the house. That means the toilet pipes (you will prevent dangerous toilet overflow), the pipes under the sinks (in the kitchen and the bathroom), the washing machine system, dishwashers, fridges (unfortunately, this item can start leaking too, so do not underestimate it), etc.

Here are the signs, which you can expect:
 you can make a small experiment. Put on one of your feet a sock and leave the other barefoot. Start walking over the floor and see if you feel the carpet moist.
 If you notice that the condensation is too high at home, that means that something is not very right.
 If you notice some mold dots in the walls, or the level of moisture is too high.
 If you have peeling wallpapers or paint, that means that something is wrong with the pipes on the foundation.
Keep in mind all these tips and if you notice something unusual, you can call Water Damage Restoration San Jose. 866-559-4441