Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

CommercialBuilding-300x199Making a first impression is everything when it comes to running a business. Whether your business employes a dozen or a thousand employees, creating a clean work environment shows favorably on your business. The last thing a client or customer wants to see is dirty, soiled, stained carpeting when they walk in the business for the first time. At Go Green Carpet Cleaning we take pride in our work and make every effort to restore all your carpet to new like condition.

It only takes a day for heavy foot traffic to transform the appearance of carpeting. The amount of dirt and debris that is brought in by way of the shoes really turns the carpet from fresh and clean to dirty and grimy. Our team of professional carpet cleaners at Go Green Carpet Cleaning have years experience in restoring the carpet instantly, and more importantly making it look fresh and clean longer.

The way we can restore the carpet in your office or commercial business is by first using our organic cleaning solutions to remove the dirt and debris without damaging the integrity of the carpet fibers. Next our team will use high powered vacuums to remove all the contaminants and the cleaning solution so it is virtually dry to the touch when we are complete. At Go Green Carpet Cleaning we then apply a protectant to the carpet that will allow it to remain cleaner longer. The protectant acts like a barrier, keeping the dirt, soil, and debris near the surface where a regular vacuum can easily remove it.